Vol. 2 No. 2 (2024): Vol. 2 No. 2, May - August 2024

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Dear Readers,

Welcome to Volume 2, Number 2 of our esteemed journal, spanning the months of May to August 2024. In this edition, we are thrilled to present a collection of papers that epitomize the ever-expanding realm of data science. This volume encapsulates the diligent work of scholars from diverse backgrounds, representing Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka.

The landscape of data science is continuously evolving, and this edition emphasizes its pivotal role in various domains through research focusing on data analytics, text mining, machine learning, and data visualization. As we delve into the contents of this volume, we encounter insightful studies that demonstrate the innovative ways in which data science is shaping our understanding and application of information.

We extend our gratitude to all the authors, reviewers, and editorial board members for their invaluable contributions to this volume. Their dedication and expertise have ensured the quality and relevance of the research presented here.

As editors, we are delighted to present Volume 2, Number 2 of our journal, hoping that the contents inspire further exploration and advancement in the field of data science. We invite our readers to immerse themselves in the wealth of knowledge presented in these pages and to join us in embracing the transformative power of data science.

Published: 12-06-2024